TPC Tournaments


Plum Creek Golf Club invites golfers of all levels of ability to join the Tournament Players Club or TPC. There are a variety of events regardless of your USGA handicap. Here you can compete in both team and individual events, all the while enjoying the newly remodeled Plum Creek Golf Club facilities.

The cost for a TPC season pass is $200, however you must be a Gold member and have an established USGA handicap to join. The TPC schedules at least 9 events each year.


Registration for 2024 TPC League begins 3/16/2024!  Stop in the golf shop today to sign up!



Plum Creek Golf Club & TPC strongly encourage players to post scores to Blue Golf for all rounds played.

Our goal is to create a culture where it is expected, not merely advised, to post a score.
We want to eliminate the problem of players not consistently posting their rounds. We will be providing encouragement to “tee it forward” when an improper tee is being used by a player.
We also want to handle member requests for players who do or need a handicap adjusted in case of two events:
These cases will be accommodated by setting a temporary handicap.